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I was wondering if anybody has Nightmares and Dreamscapes on their computer that they'd be willing to send me. Before you jump all over me, I did watch 6 of the episodes (Never got to see The Road Virus Heads North, or The Fifth Quarter), and I will buy the DVDs on the 24th. The thing is, I go to LA on the 12th and I'd really love to have the episodes on my laptop to watch on the flight. I'm mostly interested in Umney's Last Case, Battleground, The End of the Whole Mess, and You Know They've Got a Hell of a Band....especially The End of the Whole was my favorite.
If anybody has these or knows where I can download them (I've tried tvtorrents and bearshare) I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!
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I just thought I'd post about this~

I have made some Stephen King blog crews here in my personal journal. They're open for everyone to join, and I have several crews set up already. I will update daily, and add new crews as the suggestion to do so comes along.

What is a blog crew, you ask? You claim a character, in this case from one of the King's novels, from any of the listed books/crews that I have up, and get a code, which you can put...somewhere; anywhere you'd like, user info, your website, whatever. It's really just for fun. You claim your favorite character, I'll put your name down beside that character in the list.

So if anyone is interested, join up~ there's still tons of open characters!

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My Evening With Stephen King

Wow, what a night!! I only live about 45 minutes away from St Petersburg and Eckerd College. I didn't even know he was going to be here untill Friday night, when my son in law, Richard called and told me he got me a ticket. It wasn't easy either. Back in November he had tried to get the ticket, but they were already sold out. So he advertised on Craig's list that he wanted a ticket, and he put up posters at the College.Evidently someone was planning to go but couldn't use thier ticket, and he got it Friday night.
Stephen King came out wearing black jeans, a black T-shirt, and tennis shoes. My seat wasn't that great. I got lost and didn't get there until 7:15. I took some pictures of the line, just to have something, because camera's were not allowed. But there was very little security there, and everyone took pictures anyway. So I did get a few, but I wasn't that close.
He read from "Willa" a brand new book that he is writting, about ghosts. Willa and David, and some other characters. Evidently they died when thier train derailed, and are hanging around the train station, which they notice has deteriorated, and wonder how much time has gone by. Excellent. Having him read for us, was such a gift.
From where I was sitting unfortunately the sound was not that good, and I know I missed a few things, but I actually took notes, and wrote down a few things word for word.
During the Q and A , Dennis Lehane, the college's writer in residence hand picked the questions on stage with SK.
In response to a question about how he writes the newspaper has misquoted. He said "I let the writting form itself. I believe it's a form of telepathy, a telepathic bond between writer and reader that depends on how much the writer has emotionally invested in his own work" He told us how he got the idea for "It", was from being frightened himself. He and his family were driving at night in Boulder Colorado, and their truck broke down. He sent his family to their hotel in a taxi, and called a tow truck. The tow truck came and hauled their vehicle, and he walked back to the hotel. He had to walk over a foot bridge with cowboy boots on, and in the dead of night, the sound it made was a loud "clang, clang, clang". So he thought "the trolls under the bridge are gonna hear this". So he was thinking about the trolls and that lead to Clowns, and how small children are afraid of clowns.
He spoke about evil and it's place in his work. This is a quote and I LOVE it.
"We all face evil on a daily basis...that's my understanding of how life works. None of us escape it unscathed, and none of us escape it alive"
In response to the question "Do you like Abba?" (good grief) He said he loathes Abba, and his daughter used to torture him with it. Someone asked if they were worse than a flock of Seagulls, and he said yes. He said Air Supply is better, and he's tired of Billy Joel, and Neil Diamond. He likes AC/DC Also on the subject of music he said when he was a kid his older brother told him one day to come and listen to Jerry Lewis on the radio and for a long time he thought this guy on the Radio singing "Johny Be Good" was Jerry Lewis, the guy who made movies with Dean Martin.
Also on the subject of Rock and Roll, he said "if you have enough money you can get anything" and he didn't want a fancy car, he wanted kick ass speakers. "It's like being in a Caccoon. If you have your music loud enough, everyone will leave you alone"
About poetry he said "It's like desert", he has a pile of poetry on his nightstand and reads it only at night.
What story of yours is the scariest to you? Pet Cemetary. He told the story of when he lived next to a busy highway, and his two year old son ran into the road, and he ran out to grab him up before a Semi came barrelling through. He began thinking what he would do, what he would give up to save his son. And the answer was he'd give his soul.
Favorite Character? Randall Flagg.
Will you do another Hard Case Crime story? He might.
In answer to the question: Do you have any Agenda to bring about Socail Change in your writting. He thought a while on that, but said no, it's entertainment.
Whew, so that's it. It was so incredible to see him. Just to know that he's flesh and blood. My impression of him is tottally altered. I can't describe it.
Hope you enjoy the recap.


I think it's about time that IT comes on Sci-fi or something because it hasn't been on in awhile. Especially since it's close to Halloween and they should be showing scary movies and things of the such.
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Just a couple more colorbars I said I was gonna make. If you look closely at these and then the first one I made, the characters are all in the same positions.



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